Maangalik Web Series S01E01

Get ready for "Maangalik" a captivating web series that blends drama, romance, and fantasy. Here's everything you need to know:

Web Series Details

Web Series Maangalik  (2023)
Cast Rani Pari, Ritu Rai, Tarkesh Chauhan
Release Date 4 September 2023
Language Hindi
OTT Platform Primeplay App
Total Episodes 7 Episodes
Genre Drama, Romance, Fantasy

Plot Summary

Story of Maangalik Web Series

The "Maangalik" web series tells the story of a woman named Komal who has a Mangal Dosha. To counteract this, she must marry a tree before her actual wedding. However, some people with special knowledge use dark magic to exploit the situation. This star-studded web series could become one of Primeplay app's top shows. To discover what unfolds next, you can watch the "Maangalik" web series on the Primeplay app. In the series, Komal is portrayed by the talented actress Rani Pari.

Magical Realism

The series introduces fantasy elements that blur the line between reality and imagination. Viewers can expect a world where dreams become possible. "Maangalik" encourages you to dream big and believe in the power of wishes.

Seven Exciting Episodes

With seven episodes, "Maangalik" offers an extended journey into characters' desires and emotions. Each episode unveils new facets of their dreams, making it an emotional rollercoaster you won't want to miss.


"Maangalik " is a web series that combines drama, romance, and fantasy to offer an entertaining experience. It's set to release on September 04, 2023, exclusively on the Primeplay App. Get ready to be enchanted by a world where wishes turn into reality.

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