Amazon Quiz Answers – 26 April 2021 

Q1: During Easter, Confectioners In Which Country Often Make Chocolate Likenesses Of The Rabbit Sized Marsupial- The Bilby?

Answer 1: Australia

Q2: Pandit Ravi Shankar Was Born On April 7th, In Which City Known As A Pilgrimage Spot?

Answer 2: Varanasi

Q3: Amid COVID-19 Concerns, Which Tournament Usually The First Masters 1000 Event Of The ATP Season Was Postponed?

Answer 3: Indian Wells

Q4: Which Is This Animal, That One May Encounter On The Way To Mount Everest?

Answer 4: Yak

Q5: This Is A Memorial Dedicated To Which Great Leader?

Answer 5: Martin Luther King Jnr

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