Amazon Quiz Answers – 25 April 2021 

Q1: Light It Up Blue’ Is An International Campaign Related To World _____ Awareness Day, Observed By The UN On 2nd April. Fill In The Blanks

Answer 1: Autism

Q2: The Famous Movie Personality Prabhu Deva Born On April 3rd, Featured In Which Of These Movies?

Answer 2: All Of These

Q3: The Name Of Which Company, Prominent In The World Of Telecom Equipment Was Inspired By A Slogan Which Meant ‘China Has Promise’?

Answer 3: Huawei

Q4: Alan Shepard Is Famous For Playing This Sport On Which Of These Unique Locations?

Answer 4: The Moon

Q5: This Famous Mountain Which Features In The Title Of An Ernest Hemmingway Book Is Located In Which Continent?

Answer 5: Africa

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